The Skateboarding

Jett and Jagger Eaton have been skateboarding for about 4 years. They started out with a mini-ramp in their back yard and we’re hooked! After seeing the enthusiasm resonate within them, their father Geoff built them a skatepark within his existing business, Desert Devils Gymnastics. It quickly gained popularity among parents and developed into Kids

That Rip Skateboard School: a year-round training facility for kids to learn how to skateboard. Last year, Jett and Jagger were the first kids (possibly in the world) to enter into a year-round traditional schooling and skateboard training curriculum. This year, 12 kids are enrolled with Jett and Jagger in the full-time academics and skateboard training class. Jett (11) and Jagger (9) are pushing the limits of skateboarding everyday. Progression seems to be innate in them, and their personal training facility allows them to do so – safely.


Next Stop: X Games Munich

With four back to back international stops, there’s not much downtime for X Games competitors this summer.  Just having gotten back from Barcelona, Spain, Jagger Eaton has already landed in Munich, Germany, and preparing for the Big Air Skateboard Competition Saturday morning.  Jagger brought along 4 completes as the Big Air ramp is sitting in the middle of the lake with no nets!  Should be fun contest to watch! Catch it LIVE on ESPN and ESPN3.


Jett And Jagger At Woodward Surf Camp

When you are from Arizona, there is nothing better than escaping the summer heat to cool waters. Usually, Jett and Jagger can be found skimming the waters of Lake Powell on their wakeboards, but this summer, they traded in the ski-rope for a surfboard and wetsuit. They had a blast, and found the glassy waves a nice break from the concrete.

Woodward surf camp runs in Ventura, CA, headed up Evan Caples, also father of Curren Caples. Right before surf camp, Jett and Jagger went to X Games 16 to cheer Curren on in the Park course.