Did you know that TorGuard’s VPN application has the ability to block ads? This feature is available both on mobile and PC platforms. By blocking ads, you can keep your information private and have a cleaner faster internet experience.

Using an ad blocker can offer big speed benefits by eradicating annoying advertisements that also drain bandwidth. Additionally, it can shield against invasive advertisement tracking that is often monetized and resold to third parties. For these reasons we think VPN privacy and ad blocking are a perfect match!

How to Block Ads with TorGuard for Desktop and Android

To block ads with TorGuard on Android or iOS, simply navigate to the settings in the top right corner. Scroll down until you see the “Nameservers” button text. From here, scroll down and select “Ad blocking DNS”. After this you will be able to block ads on your Android device, which is super useful if you hate annoying popups!

How to Block Ads with TorGuard on PC

For the PC version of TorGuard, go down to “More Settings”. Once in the settings, navigate to the “Network” tab, and go down to “when VPN is connected”. Pick from the list, “ad blocking DNS”, and your PC will now have blocked ads through the DNS when TorGuard is active!

We care about our customers and privacy worldwide, and that’s why we’ve designed the most secure VPN in the market. And now with this promotion, it’s time for everyone to unlock the TorGuard VPN advantage.

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